Take the very best ingredients on earth, stir in exceptional creativity and the result is more great mix-ins from TH Foods.

Our corn sticks and chips come in many delicious flavors and a variety of shapes and sizes. From the Cajun corn, which is a must in the best selling Cajun mixes to our completely on trend corn chips with flax, we have a product offering that fits your needs.

Several of our corn-based items are also available as gluten free.

  • corn-top1 Chili Lemon Corn Sticks
  • corn-top2
    Cheddar Corn Sticks
  • corn-top3
    Salted Corn Chips
    with Flax Seed

  • corn-top4
    Unsalted Corn Chips
    with Flax Seed

  • corn-top5
    Black Bean Sticks
  • corn-middle1
    Bar-B-Que Corn Sticks
  • corn-middle2
    Chili Cheese
    Corn Jacks

  • corn-middle3
    Spicy Churritos
  • corn-middle4
    Guacamole Bites
  • corn-middle5
    Hot Cajun
    Corn Sticks

  • corn-bottom1
    Nacho Corn Sticks
  • corn-bottom2
    Salsa Corn Sticks