Sesame sticks are well known by consumers and add value to any mix with a unique crunch and taste.

Sesame sticks are considered a premium component in mixes and are considered a premium pick-out item.

Sesame sticks from TH Foods are the highest quality sticks available. We offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes to meet your needs. We also offer several items available as non-GMO, and the majority of our items contain no preservatives or additives.

  • Sesame Sticks
    #10001 F

    Sesame Sticks

    #10001 F/SNG

  • Sesame Sticks
    #10001 S

  • Jalapeno
    Cheddar Sticks


  • Hot & Spicy
    Sesame Sticks


  • Cheddar
    Sesame Sticks

  • sezame-2.1
    NON-GMO Garlic
    Sesame Sticks

  • Sesame Sticks
    Honey Mustard
    & Onion

  • sezame-2.3
    Roasted Pepper
    Sesame Sticks

  • sezame-2.4
    Sesame Oat
    Bran Sticks

  • sezame-2.5
    Oat Bran
    Sesame Sticks

    #10054 SNG
  • sezame-2.6
    Multiseed Chip
  • sezame-3.1
    Garlic Sesame Sticks
  • sezame-3.2
    Sesame Sticks
    No Salt Added

  • sezame-3.3
    Cajun Sesame
    Hot Sticks

  • sezame-3.4
    Sesame Mini Chips
  • sezame-3.5
    Sesame Salad Bits
  • sezame-3.6
    Everything Stick