Baked Crackers and Snacks: All of our baked products utilize proprietary Japanese technology. We are the only manufacturer in North America with the technology to make authentic Usuyaki (Japanese for thin & flat) style rice crackers. Our rice crackers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and can be seasoned with any number of complimentary flavors. Our technology also includes “popped” products. These softer texture products are ideal for snacking.

We also make a wide variety of baked products that utilize different grains and seeds. There are many products in our line that utilize potato, corn, quinoa, chia, flax and other seeds and grains. All of our baked crackers and snacks are gluten free.

Fried Snacks: Another unique technology for TH Foods is in our fried snack plant. Our proprietary process allows us to make the best tasting sesame and corn snacks available anywhere. We make over 40 different varieties of sesame and corn snacks in a wide range of shapes, sizes and delicious flavors. These products are key components to any snack or trail mix.

Our Honey Roasting capability is added to create some of our best selling sesame products. These sweet and savory snacks are a great addition to mixes that include fruits and other high moisture components, as the honey roasting process protects the stick itself from absorbing moisture so it stays crispy and delicious.


TH Foods offers a wide variety of packaging options to meet your needs. Some of our more popular options are:

  • Pillow Bags with tear notches and nitrogen flush available with Bag in Box
  • 4-cell plastic trays with poly or foil overwrap
  • Stand up resealable pouches
  • Club size packaging options
  • Bulk packaging for food service and industrial uses

Raw Material Sourcing

High quality raw materials are essential in creating the best tasting finished goods. Our Purchasing, R&D and Quality teams work together to identify and qualify suppliers of our raw materials. We contract with our primary suppliers to insure that we have consistent, quality supplies at the most reasonable prices available.

One of our primary ingredients is rice. We use only California medium grain rice in our production process. Sesame seeds are another major ingredient for us, and we do our best to source 100% U.S. grown seed. We have long-term relationships with some of the industry's best raw material and packaging suppliers to provide you the best value in the snack business.